Other Event Services

Outdoor fairy lights, table centres, flower garlands, entertainment, Cocktail bar

Alpine market hut for corporate events


Other Events Services

Naturally when we decorate venues for weddings and corporate events we get asked for a few extra items. With experience in providing pretty much anything and everything for events here is some services we can offer.

Whilst some of these are listed on the decor pages, it’s worth mentioning again in case you missed them as it’s outside of our venue draping service.

Bunting hire for woodland wedding

Bunting has a certain something about it that is very British, it adds a light hearted feel to a wedding or event, and thats no bad thing if you want to project a warm fun image.

We can do pretty much any colour range of bunting.

Prices start at £1.25 per meter

Contact us for a full proposal.

Christmas garland for events
Christmas Garland

We get busy at Christmas with installs and parties, garland is one of those things that gets hung in all sorts of places.

Garland comes in 2.4m lengths and we have a lot of it, and it’s bushy and full.

contact us for a full proposal

Entertainers and confetti

Sometimes we get involved in the theming of an event, with many years experience we have contacts with some weird and wonderful entertainment. This is a service we can offer provide alongside our theming.

Contact us for a full proposal

Table centres for events
Table Centres

We have a small selection of table centres we can offer for events and parties. They are effective yet economic, this is a service we provide along side our draping.

We have martini glasses, large cyclonical vases, blossom trees, and birch twig bundles.

Cocktail Bar services
Cocktail Bar

Ansis is one of our guys who helps out with events, he is also one of the countries leading flair barmen, and runs bars at international events.

We are offering a high end cocktail bar service. Ansis specialises in microbiology cocktails such as flavoured foam, jelly cocktails and dry ice cocktails. It’s not just a bar but also a spectacle.

Prices start at £1000 for the bar, staff and cocktails

Wrapping cafe in a bow
Shops and Cafe

Draping involves more than just attaching some sheets with cable ties, we work with wire rope and rigging to secure points in place, we can drill into walls and concrete to install fixing points. This comes in handy when you want to wrap a building with a bow.

Prices vary for this service

Live plant and tree hire
Live Plant Hire

Our unit works alongside a nursery, and we can hire out any number of plants and trees, this service is a full install and decor. Generally it involves forklifts and larger transport, we can arrange all of that

This service starts at £2500 rather than individual plant hire.

Artificial flowers black walls

For weddings and corporate parties we can hang all sorts of wonderful things, here we have draped 200 meters of marigold garlands. We also drape fir garlands, ivy garlands and flower garlands. Garlands to compliment the draping

Wedding draping styling and decor
Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers are great for those little touches that would normally cost a lot with real flowers. Whether it be decorating a small archway as in the picture. Or wrapping our wall drapes with a flower bow. They are part of our over all package for draping.

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