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Ceiling drapes are an important part of decorating a venue. From Wembley, ICC through to barns and hotels. We mainly use ladders, but we can bring in scissor lifts towers to help with those really big venues. We have solutions for any venue. So even if you are short of hanging points, we will find a way.


Using mostly voile which is airy and light. We generally drape from the centre of the ceiling in a starburst pattern, edged with fairy lights.


There is no limit to the kind of events we have draped. From private parties, festivals, exhibitions and sporting events.

Christmas Parties

Corporate Christmas parties are one of the busiest times of the year for us. We install ceiling draping for long term parties. and one night events.

celing draping and ideas
Creating a centre point in mid air at a venue in Westminster
Draping at a wedding, events
Event draping at a black and white ball.

Ceiling draping for venues and events

No matter the size of your venue we are able to drape the ceilings. We have a multitude of colours and fabrics to create your vision for the perfect event.

Since pricing is so subjective depending on what you require it’s impossible to give prices. So please contact us for a free proposal.

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Fairy Lights

Wall drapes

Flower displays

Christmas parties

Ceiling drapes for all types of events

We create stunning and imaginative decoration with ceiling drapes. We use flame retardant polyline and voile depending on the occasion. For Christmas we can hang garland and fairy lights, for weddings soft white voile.

Drapes aren't just decorative they serve an important purpose

Drapes are not only decorative. They serve to dampen the echo in some venues where sound bounces around the room. Have you ever been at an event, and it’s hard to hear the person on the table? Thats because sound bounces around and it becomes hard to hear. Draping serves to soften this echo, therefore making the event that bit more pleasurable for guests. This is also important if you are presenting and want to be heard. Think best man speeches or awards.

Ceiling drapes in your colours

If you have certain colours you’d like the venue draped in we are able to do that as well. Here’s a selection of colours from our supplier. For certain themes as well we have different colours, such as a masquerade ball or roaring 20s theme.

Fairy lights and bunting

It’s a great idea to install fairy lights, and maybe bunting depending on your event. We have a selection to choose from. Interspersing drapes and bunting looks great and can be cost effective as well. We have hung all sorts of things in the ceiling before.

Below are some ideas of drapes indoor and outdoor that we can help with.

Wall drapes create booths at an event

Booths are so popular, they can be great as a chill out area for those that don’t feel like hitting the dance floor and those that want to gather and chill


Here we see the amazing effect uplights have on venue draping. And how they change the mood completely. Not all weddings need to be white.

Wedding draping wall drapes.

Create your dream wedding with a day. to remember,. We provide wall drapes hung from pipe and drape (so we can change the size of the room if needed as well),ceiling swags, fairy lights, uplights.


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Venue draping in Brighton and hove
Bespoke Venue Draping

It’s not just the inside that can be draped, and it’s not just swags. We can work all sorts of magic when we put our mind to some interesting challenges.

Please get in touch to arrange a meeting and discuss options.

Large venue draping corporate events
Draping for Large Venues

If you have a large venue to decorate it can be a little daunting to know what to do.

Draping is great for covering large areas and is cost effective, you get a lot of bang for you buck basically.

We are able to cover large spaces and span chasms to create a more intimate venue.

Large venue draping south east

We have draped some large venues including, ICC, motorcycle museum, IWM Manchester, Wembley and others

Wall and ceiling drapes can be used to completely transform the venue, up to 5m high wall drapes

Christmas theming installs, draping, alpine theme
Christmas Season Install

Draping, starcloth and uplights can work magic in transforming a venue and can prove cost effective over hiring props and so on, they also don't take up floor space so more area can be sold.

Drapes and starcloth can be left up for the season without maintenance, and there’s minimal chance of damage.

Contact us for a no obligation proposal for your Christmas Party season,.


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