Falcon Events Team

We counted it up and yes there’s over 80 years of events experience between us. You’d think we’ve seen it all wouldn’t you? We haven’t, there’s always new exciting challenges and better ways of doing things. We have a great team

Alasdair Adam Events organiser
20 years in events

From large corporate parties, festivals, weddings, catering, bars. There isn’t much Alasdair hasn’t done,

And an artist as well

Micheal draper
25 years of draping

One of the best Drapers in the country. Micheal is the one that always sees an answer to any problem.

Ansis flair cocktail barmen
Flair cocktail bar champion

15 Years events experience

Yes indeed we have a great team. Ansis makes running a bar look like an art form, literally. Part of the set up team and also runs the cocktail bars.

Bob event staff
The battery bunny

15 years events experience

Bob works like a Trojan, and outdoes other crew much younger than himself. Bob drapes, drives, hangs lights, well everything really.

Chippy and handyman

Kieran builds the market huts, bespoke bars and other things that clients occasionally ask for.